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Importance Of Success In Life

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I am from a sports oriented family. I come from just about all sports i feel that it's in my blood and it's just something i can't escape it's almost like a curse. Therefore i am hard working dedicated and resilient. I Thrive for competition and the feeling of being successful and actually useful in the world. I want something to drive me to be more successful and push me to my limits. I feel if i master those things in the classroom and in basketball it could potentially help me achieve my dreams of going to a four year university and maybe even getting a basketball scholarship and maybe even to the NBA. This matter alot to me because it can have me debt free for college and i would be able to benefit from the experience and journey i have …show more content…
If i had to put that in my own words i would say that i base things of trial and error but at the same time i'm motivated to finding my own solution to a problem or event. This is a great example that is okay because just like in basketball and school you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and be able to experiment and try your own way and solutions to being successful. Its also about you trying to figure yourself out as a person and what you wanna do in life This test also prove to provide knowledge about yourself but at the same time it kinda gives you confidence and wisdom. The confidence comes in when you get the same result because then you'll know you can't change this or that and it won't go away. For example i am a visual and kinesthetic learner and it something i just can't change and by me learning that i am a visual learner it will help me master that skill and create more success for me as a person. I feel i get the kinesthetic part from playing sports because i'm so use to see it done first and then going out and doing it for myself, for me it's all about the repetition and how much i …show more content…
I felt that i had always been fun and dangerous you could say to a certain point. When i think of adventurous person i think of the rainforest or like hiking a mountain. I am very observant which i feel suits me very well because you will get to know a person and see how they act by just observing them which is a good characteristic and or feature. I find this to be very useful because say someone was acting funny you could separate yourself from them and potentially be more successful. To me being different and or weird is great way to separate yourself and get more recognized for what you do and how you do it. In my opinion it also has to do with how much grit and how much resilience you have as a person. But one thing i have always thought was someone can always change and have more grit than other people. For me i only have 40% grit and i think that through the year goes on my progress of grit and gratitude will rise and become higher. I Think that grit means you are hard working and a strong person and you don't tend to give up in

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