Importance of Technology in Society

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In our society, technology represents mankind’s progress and innovations in our current period of time. Technology has allowed man-kind to obtain and create new desires. In this society, technological advancement has allowed our society to use enhanced goods to make our everyday life easier. Technology has made our civilization better in many ways. Technology has increased productivity, help people economically, create new advance technology to fulfill people’s desires and wants, and the invention of the computer which has created numerous effects that almost everyone uses in our current society.
One of the major technological invention that has changed the way people live their life is the computer. The computer has changed the way our society works today. Currently in our society, people use computers for virtually anything. The internet was created so that the invention of a computer can reach new peaks. People use computers for their own benefits and desires. Computers have provided many different types of efficient data storage systems and amazing processor that is very informative (Oak). Something that has really become popular because of computers is online shopping. A decade ago, buying any type of good online seemed imaginary, but now it has brought tons of income across the world (Nickson). Instead of going to a store and being limited to what they have on stock, people in our society can now go online to places like, or even a certain to store that they wish to purchase something, and purchase products from limitless categories. Online shopping also allows people from all across the world to sell and purchase goods to people in different areas of the world. I personally use online shopping more because I can find the product that I’m looking for fairly quickly and I can also find great sales and deals online that I might not find in a…...