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Importance of Theory Paper

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Importance of Theory Paper
Laura A. Novascone
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Instructor Jodi Protokowicz

A nursing theory provides a view or window into the reality of nursing (CCN, 2015). Nursing theories are basic concepts that define nursing practice and provide the explanation to why nurses do what they do. I have given no thought to the use of nursing theory until taking this nursing class and this assignment is proving very difficult to follow. I have utilized nursing theory in my everyday work of nursing. A nurse will use multiple nursing theories during the scope of their day. These theories guide how nurses treat their patients, how tasks are performed and assessments or interventions are carried out. Critical thinking skills start by studying nursing theory.
Nursing theory is theoretical practices to gain insight and knowledge on a particular concept. The theory I have selected to use is the Roy adaptation model which is a grand theory. The purpose of this assignment is to identify a nursing theory which is the Roy adaptation theory, analyze the importance of the selected theory to the nursing profession and summarize key concepts and relationships among the concepts of the selected nursing theory. I will analyze how the Roy Adaptation Theory relates to nursing education.

Importance of Nursing Theory
Nursing theories were developed to help define the unique practice of nursing as its own separate profession. If it wasn’t for early theorists like Florence Nightingale, the nursing profession wouldn’t be what it is today. Nursing theorists provide us with explanation and focus within the nursing practice.
Nursing theories have contributed and continue to contribute to the nursing profession. Theories enhance the ability of nurses to practice in a purposeful manner. Nursing theory is significant to the nursing profession because it serves…...

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