Importance of Training for Employees

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Importance of Training for Employees
HRM 326

Importance of Training for Employees
The effectiveness of an organization greatly depends on how resourceful are its employees and how well prepared they are to meet challenges at work. Many organizations request the services of outside consultants to identity and implement trainings to improve the performance of its’ employees. Nowadays, the diversity of cultures in the United States, the complexity of the law system, and the challenges employees face regularly in their work places, are forcing organizations to train their employees to overcome these challenges. Trainings in legal requirements, diversity, and employee’s growth have become necessary for organizations to maintain the effectiveness of the employees. The main focus of this paper is to discuss how important are these subject areas to the development of employees professional and personal needs. Also the paper will focus on what benefits organizations acquire by implementing these types of employee trainings.
Employees’ Legal Requirements During Training
There are many potential situations during training that can adversely affect the reputation of an organization and can make employees vulnerable to legal actions (Noe, Chapter 10, 2008). Some of these adverse situations that can occur during training are employees getting injured during training events, not including all genders and races in the training, providing training offensive to employees, the use of classified or copyrighted material during training, and not accommodating personnel with disabilities in the training sessions (Noe, Chapter 10, 2008).
In the same legal area, employees need to receive training in how to protect themselves and their organization from legal issues. The complexity of the United States law system today,…...