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Importance of Management

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Course: Management Theory and Practice (8506) Semester: Autumn, 2011
Level: MBA/M.Com Total Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 50


(Units: 1–5)

Note: Attempt and questions.

Q. 1 a) Define manager and differentiate between general manager and functional manager. Also discuss the different levels of managers with suitable examples. (12) b) Discuss the contribution of Henry Fayol in the field of Management. (08)

Q. 2 What is meant by rational decision making? Explain the steps of rational decision making with a suitable example. (20)

Q. 3 a) Define Management By Objective (MBO). Differentiate between Strategic planning, Tactical planning and Operational planning. (2+10) b) Explain the following planning tools: i) Forecasting ii) Benchmarking iii) Scheduling iv) Budgeting (2+2+2+2)

Q. 4 a) Define the term “Delegation”. Also describe the seven steps to effective delegation. (3+7) b) Explain the following concepts: i) Centralization ii) Decentralization iii) Authority iv) Span of control v) Span of Control (2+2+2+2+2)

Q. 5 a) Define Leadership. Differentiate between Leader and Manager. (2+8) b) Discuss the following approaches to leadership in detail: i) Bass’s theory of transformational leadership ii) Contingency approach to leadership (5+5)

Guidelines FOR ASSIGNMENT # 1
The student should look upon the assignments as a test of knowledge, management skills, and communication

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