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Importance of Outlining

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It is very important to create an outline before writing a research paper. An outline helps the writer organize his or her thoughts and ideas that they feel are important. An outline is considered the skeleton or backbone of any research paper. Outlining before writing your rough draft will help you identify which topics are important and which information is considered supporting ideas.

Remember an outline has five major parts that it should consist of: Introduction, three key points, and a conclusion. The introduction should include your thesis statement and any background information that you might have gathered. A thesis statement is the main topic and explains to your readers what yours views are on this topic. The three key points are topics that are important and support your thesis statement. The conclusion is the final paragraph and its function is to basically bring the paper to a close and restating the writer’s views on the topic. Some people use this paragraph to restate their thesis statement.

Some people create a formal outline but you don’t have to do that before writing your rough. I basically write down or highlight all the things that I think are important points in the chapter. Your outline can either be written in full sentences or in incomplete phrases as long as you can understand what you are trying to express. If you write your key points in full sentences it will help your later when you are writing your rough draft and final paper. When writing your outline it will help if you write down any websites that you used for research so that you will not forget to cite them in the final essay.

Writing an outline also helps to relieve writer’s block when you are trying to write an essay paper. When you write an essay outline, it allows you to structure the essay as well as comply with essay formats properly. It...

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