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1a The definition of project.

Project is temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet the unique goals and objectives, usually to bring beneficial change or added value.
It is a complex, non-routine, start date, specific objectives and conditions, clarify responsibilities, budget planning, a fixed end date, and participatory activities. The project's main goal is to meet customer needs, and carefully planned in order to achieve a specific purpose.
To defining a project, its describes a discipline, structured method for selectively collecting information to use through all phases of the project life cycle, to meet the needs of all stakeholders, and to measure performance against the strategic plan of the organization.
There are five generic steps for developing a project plan:

Defining the Project Scope
Project scope is a definition of the end results of a project, mainly is to define as clearly as possible.
Project Scope describes what is the expectations to delivered when the project complete, it should define the results to be achieved in specific, tangible and measurable terms.
To ensure that scope definition is complete, there is a checklist:
 Project objective
The first step of project scope definition is to define the overall objective to meet the needs.
 Deliverables
The next step is to define major deliverables.
 Milestones
A milestone is a significant event in a project that occurs at a point in time. It should be natural, important control points in the project.
 Technical requirements
A product or service will have technical requirements to ensure proper performance.
 Limits and exclusions
The limits of scope should be defined. Failure to do so can lead to false expectations and to expending resources and time on the wrong problem.
 Reviews with customer
Completion of the scope checklist ends with a…...

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