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Important Thinkers of Management & Their Contribution

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Introduction & trends in HR

1-“The point is that these differences demand attention so that each person can maximize his or her potential, so that organizations can maximize their effectiveness and so that the society as a whole can make the wisest use of its human resources” (Cascio).

7-S framework created by McKinsey & Company distinguishes seven components in a company’s architecture: strategy, structure, systems, staff, style, skills and shared values. PF Drucker had remarked that “man, of all the resources available to man, can grow and develop

purpose of human resource management is to improve the contribution made by people to organizations, (Davis) through effective and efficient use of resources
HRM is, to some extent, concerned with any organizational decision which has an impact on the, workforce or the potential workforce (Bernardin).

It is basically a method of developing potentialities of employees so that they get maximum satisfaction out of their work and give their best efforts to the organization” (Pigors and Myers).

Terry, HRM is not a one short deal
“An identifiable ability that is perceived to add immediate or future value to any prescribed activity, discipline or enterprise”(Maurice, 2003)
Rudrabasavaraj, personnel administration in
India, as it is interpreted, discussed and practiced is largely static, legalistic and
Factories Act, 1948;
Trade Unions Act, 1926; The Payment of Wages Act, 1936; The Minimum Wages
Act, 1948; The Employment State Insurance Act, 1948; Workmen’s Compensation
Act, 1923; The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965; The Industrial Employment (Standing
Orders) Act, 1946; The Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of
Vacancies) Act, 1959; Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972; the Maternity Benefit Act,
1961; The Apprentice Act,1961; etc.
The job reservation for SCs and STs...

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