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Improting Butterflies from Costa Rica

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Butterfly Beauties, Inc.

Group 5
Karey Brown
Jeff Fortenberry
Suzie Hall
Samantha Vazquez

International Issues Business
BUSI 4703

Dr. Juan Castro

December 17, 2002
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
Introduction 2
Why Butterfly Farming? 2
The History of Butterflies and Butterfly Farming 4
The Business of Butterfly Farming
Butterflies 5
A Day in the Life of a Butterfly Farmer 6
Country Analysis: Costa Rica 8 The Land 9 Plant and Animal Life 10 The People 11 Greetings and Courtesies 13 Business Culture 14 The Economy 16 Table 1 17 Graphs 1, 2 18 Finance 18 Table 2 19 Government 19 Education 20 Health and Welfare 20 Resources 21 Agriculture 21

Table of Contents (cont.) Industry 22 Trade 22 Transportation 23
Butterfly Beauties, Inc. Operations Equipment and Supplies 25 Employees 27 Marketing Butterflies 28 Exportation/Shipping 31
Conclusion 32
Works Cited 33
Butterfly Beauties brochure Appendix
Butterfly Beauties, Inc.
Butterfly Farming in Costa Rica
Executive Summary While the name may seem somewhat "flighty," butterfly farming is a serious business opportunity. The demand for butterflies is increasing, and new butterfly houses and farms are opening worldwide. The marketing possibilities are exciting. For our venture, Butterfly Beauties, Inc., we have chosen to locate our butterfly farms in the beautiful Central American country of Costa Rica. The climate and plant life are perfect for raising butterflies, and the country has a stable economy in which...

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