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Improving Public Schools

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Public education as it is today is in dire need of improvement. With the way technology is and the software that has been created to better the community and also public schools, our schools need to be upgraded to the future. Technology would need to be improved, along with after-school programs and an improved curriculum for the students. From city schools to suburban schools, New York to California, changes need to be made.
Technology would need to be improved because the way that computers have evolved to online everything and would make a huge difference to education. Assignments completed on a computer with 100% accuracy on grading would be another reason technology needs improvement. Such advances can reduce the cost of resource exploitation which, then, increases environmental impacts - for example by using chain saws and bull dozers to create clear cuts of timber. There would be less paper being used and later thrown away.
Another way of improving public schools is if there were after-school programs. It would bring everyone in and become involved to create a better environment. It could also make a huge impact on keeping kids off the streets and away from drugs. After-school programs can also involve studying and tutoring to help students understand their classes better. Learn and have fun.
To increase the knowledge of the students today, we would need to improve the curriculum. Add more to what is already listed to expand the minds of the next generation. Have more hands-on projects in class so they would have a better understanding and feel into what the topic/project is on. Upon improvement to the curriculum, the students would be fresh and ready for the future.
The task at hand is a grueling one, but one that cannot be overlooked. The children of today are the future of tomorrow. It is our responsibility now to make sure the students are as prepared...

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