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Improving Verbal Communication

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Improving Verbal Communication It is through communication that we build our relationships, and we all can always improve on our verbal communication skills. I have one person in particular in my life that I have difficulty communication with. It is my older brother, who has a serious addiction to alcohol. When he is drinking he calls me to pick arguments. I guess he must have depleted his list of who to call and be a pain in the neck to in our family that day. I am usually the last one he will call when he is in a drunken condition because he knows I won’t be any fun for him; I do not argue with him like most of our family members will do. Still I do have verbal communications with him, but that is only until he has had enough and gives up; usually he gets frustrated and makes a metamessage statement and hangs up on me. By a metamessage I mean "the message he sends me beyond the words he speaks; also known as “reading between the lines” (Sole, 2011, p. 4.1: How Words Work: Metamessages, Para. 1). He makes statements like: when he wants me to go to the store and purchase more beer for him (which I never will do) and he says “never mind”, “thanks for nothing” or that I am “selfish and uncaring.” (Sole. 2011, p. 4.1: How Words Work; Table 4.1 Identify the Metamessages). He is clearly annoyed that I think it is more important to write my papers for college than to be his enabler. He seems to be very disappointed that I have my homework for a reason for not going to the beer store for him. Frankly, I have more challenging things to pursue in my life, and I will use any opportunity to say “I cannot do that for you brother.” He has a problem that I have tried to convince him he needs a rehab for, but he will not hear of it; so I let him alone, and wish he would me too. It just hurts me to see him destroying his life and his health with the alcoholism. He is also...

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