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IMS Software Company: IBM Information management system (IMS) helps in making the strategic decisions by effectively and efficiently managing the information. IBM is the one of the company which provides the IMS software and is one of the oldest company to provide IMS software since 1966. The company is known for its reliable, secure and solid performance of the high volume transaction system. IBM provides the management solutions to run the business processes such as supply chain management, order processing, shipping, inventory control, invoicing and so many others. But now a days it’s not possible that single technology can satisfy all the customer needs, so in order to meet this IBM has invested significant amount of resources to enhance the technology of IMS to increase the performance and to meet the customer requirements. Big data, cloud computing, mobile platforms and relational data base system are some of the new technologies introduce by IBM to support IMS. IBM has a following product line to serve their customers: 1. IMS 14 2. IMS 13 3. IMS Transaction Manager Value Unit Edition 4. IMS Database Value Unit Edition 5. IMS Enterprise Suite IBM provides the highly secured products at the lowest cost with highest level of performance and availability. IBM ensures data security by providing the capability of online updating with complete integrity and recovery conveniences for its credit card processing system can be used as an example. IBM’s major clients are the Fortune 1000 businesses and companies like Air Canada, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Tire, CIBC and many more.

References: White. C. (2014). The Role of IMS in Today’s Enterprise. IBM IMS. Retrieved from
Anonymous (2016). Portfolio & client list. IBM....

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