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This assignment was designed put us, the student in a situation where we are placed in the supervisor position. In this assignment put the supervisor in a position of having to pick and choose what tasks to do themselves and what tasks should be delegated out after coming in and finding their basket full of tasks that need to be dealt with.
When you obtain the position of supervisor, there is usually far too much for just you to do, therefore it is important to learn what to delegate and who to delegate it to. The most important tasks should be done by the supervisor but as far as things such as someone’s vacation hours and stocking merchandise for the store, those tasks should be delegated out to the assistant manager and to the store clerks.
Being a supervisor means being in a role of leadership, logic, common sense, and decision making for yourself, the employees, and for the company. The “in Basket” debate and discussion gives us and our fellow classmates the opportunity to see if we can successfully delegate out certain tasks as a supervisor at a fictitious company. The discussion between me and fellow classmates was a great one and it appeared as though everyone agreed on everything accept for different incidents. The only two incidents where I came across disagreement were in regards to task number 3, and task number 4. These are the examples in which I will be using in this paper as far as disagreeing is concerned.
Task number 3 is in regards to the mall hours changing for an upcoming holiday and that there is a request for store plans. In my own opinion and the opinion of all of my fellow classmates accept for one that I could find agreed that this task needed to be done by the Supervisor. The disagreeing student felt that it should be delegated to the Assistant Manager. This task should be done by the supervisor because it is not only a very important one...

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