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In Defense of Drug Use

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In Defense of Recreational Drugs If illicit drugs are harmful to the mind, body and soul, than why do people continue to manufacture, distribute and use these substances? The prohibition of these illicit substances as outlined in the Controlled Substances Act of the United States goes against all logic. Propaganda across the United States promotes the myth that psychotropic drugs impair moral judgment and is a cause of destructive deviant behavior. There is evidence that refutes this claim, illustrated by findings in several of the government’s own studies. The truth is that the majority that dabbles with these intoxicants is misrepresented by the media and politicians as delinquents, but are respectable citizens with jobs to work, bills to pay, and classes to attend, and are indistinguishable from the general population. Their use is not accounted for as many are reluctant to admit to it, due to the illegality and prejudice against use of controlled substances in our society. Such illicit substances must have some intrinsic value because of their continued use. Just as prescription pharmaceuticals can prove to be valuable in a specific context, so can all classes of illegal drugs. The poison is in the dose not the chemical itself. The unconstitutional War on Drugs in the United States needs to cease, because it is based on heresy and fear mongering. This calls for reeducation of the American people about the true nature of drugs; for this legalization and regulation of all the narcotics in question is necessary. The illegal status of the substances in question is a result of widespread misinformation about how drug use truly affects people psychologically and physiologically. Propaganda perpetrates the myth of “voodoo pharmacology,” “the ideal that drugs are magical potions that transform and compel people to sin.” When in reality the experience of a drug...

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