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In Search of Talent

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In Search of Talent
The number of global searches on Google for ‘jobs’ last month was 185,000,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics posted on December 6, 2011 that the November unemployment rate in the United States was 8.6%. Needless to say, people are looking for work; they are also looking for efficient and effective methods to assist them in their job search. James A. O’Brien and George M. Marakas, in Management Information Systems maintain “the Internet has a wealth of information and contacts for both employers and job hunters” (292).
While internet job searching may be an effective resource for job seekers, cyber recruiting may also be valuable for employers. The 10th Annual Source of Hire Study is conducted annually by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler of CareerXroads. In January, 2011 they surveyed 200 large, competitive, well-branded firms and discovered that over 42% of new hires resulted from use of the Internet (2).
The CareerXroads study determined that 53% of all hires are promotions or transfers. Internal movement is the number one source of all hires (7). The number two source of external hires is internet-based job boards and corporate websites. Over 24% of all external hires are sourced from job boards and 19% from corporate websites (8). General job boards, like and make up 15% of new hires, and an additional 6% are attributed to niche sites (15). A niche website is a website that targets a specific audience. Websites like,, and target freelance workers, independent contractors, and others who prefer to work on a project basis., a 10-year old online recruitment provider claims to be “the premier global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers who need great people” (Who). targets everyone. It is a global job board. By using keywords in...

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