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In Spiegelman’s Maus, Even the Dedications Are an Essential Part of the Text.’

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Spiegelman’s Maus is a graphic novel which explores events of the holocaust and the uniting of a father and son. Though often overlooked the dedications play an integral role in better understanding the text. The dedications do not influence the meaning of the book but do reinforce events in the book. Spiegelman dedicates the first book to his mother as an attempt to rid himself of the guilt associated with his mother’s suicide. In an attempt to not have the same short comings as his father, Art associates his most prized work with the most prized people in his life. Richieu is often disregarded in the book however he is vital in Spiegelman’s eyes. The book in its entirety is highly important as it is a dedication to a whole race.
Anja is thought to be Artie’s only parent as she is the one that raised him and made him who he is. The dedication to Anja acts as a medium through which Artie tries to apologise to his mother for the grief that he caused her and also a way to thank her. In the Prisoner on The Hell Planet, Art reveals the last moments that he shared with his mother and how all he said to her was “Sure Ma!” in a dismissive tone. This seemingly rude gesture towards his mother wasn’t Spiegelman but rather the LSD induced depression and anxiety. Despite this, Spiegelman was berated for the way he had treated her and this added to what he described as an overwhelming guilt where it was him against the world. While driving to Vladek’s, Art reveals that he used to think about which parent he would save if they were being sent to the ovens and how he would always save his mother. This suggests that Artie and his mother had a tight knit relationship .The dedication helps ease Artie’s pain as it enables him to display his love for Anja by immortalizing her name.
Vladek could be described as an unloving and selfish father; Art doesn’t want to be...

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