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In the Land of Blood and Honey

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In the Land of Blood and Honey
A Preview
Brentt Terry
Release Date: December 23
Staring: Zana Marjanovic, Goran Kostic, Rade Serbedzija
Director: Angelina Jolie
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Screenwriter: Angelina Jolie
MPAA Rating: R

“What does Lara Croft do in her spare time?” This burning question has been the cause for many sleepless nights among men and teenage males. “Plan to raid a tomb?” you ask? No. “Polish her guns?” Sorry, Tomb Raider was a family film. However you would be getting warmer if you asked something along the lines of “Does she write her on script and then direct it?” To that question the answer would be yes.
Angelina Jolie makes her directorial debut in the film “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” This film is a love story set in the middle of the Bosnian conflict. Which proves that while being a lady, Jolie still knows what men want, action. The movie plays the story of two parties who were romantically engaged before the start of the Bosnian war, and the conflict that arises therein.
“In the Land of Blood and Honey” does not star Angelina Jolie, however it does star a local cast that was actually involved in the Bosnian conflict. “It’s a heavy film.” Jolie said. The movie was also shot on location in both English and the local language known as BHS. Early screenings of the film have been the cause of much debate within the Bosnian community. Some saying “Too soon Angelina, Too soon.” Others defending Jolie by stating, “Its about time Eastern Europe got some commerce.” But most were just upset by a story that told of a love affair with a woman that was engaged to a soldier who was oppressing her people. Jolie has this to say about the early screenings. “You become very surprised because you think it’s this, and they say it’s definitely a film about that. We tried a few about that, we tried a few. None of them have worked.” “In the Land of Blood and Honey” opens on December 23rd in select theaters.

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