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Inattentive Child Development

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A child’s environment can play a large part in all aspects of their development. If a child’s parents are inattentive, if they are experiencing financial difficulties or if the child is neglected in any way this could impact on their social and emotional development. This can result in malnutrition and thereby impact on their physical development and can also affect their intellectual development. This is one reason why a child or young person may not follow the expected...

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...In regards to child development Piaget has come up with a theory called cognitive development. The cognitive theory development theory basically shows that children actively construct knowledge as they manipulate and explore their world. (Berk 2014) Piaget broke this theory up into four categories. The first category is called the Sensori-motor stage. This stage usually occurs from birth until 2 years of age. Here infants learn by exploring their world using their eyes, ears, hands and mouth. Because of this learning style they are able to solve simple Sensori- motor issues. An example of this would be children learning to put things and take things out of a box. The next stage according to Piaget’s theory would be called the Preoperational stage. This age group is ranged from 2 to 7 years of age. Here pre-school children would use symbols to represent their earlier discoveries. During this stage language and make believe starts to develop. The next phase is called the concrete operational stage. This stage is grouped from 7 to 11 ears of age. During this stage children become more logical with their reasoning. The last stage according to Piaget is called the formal operational stage. This stage is grouped from 11 years of age and on. Piaget’s theory has caused many researchers to not only study and learn tremendously but to challenge him as well. According to research, Piaget underestimated the capabilities of infants and preschoolers. Researchers found......

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...Early Childhood Environment The Nebraska Department of Education and the Iowa Department of Education (1994) describe an appropriate learning environment for the young child: "The primary learning environment provides time and opportunities for children to experience and respond creatively to their world. The learning environment is social in nature, providing a secure and stimulating climate for all children. It provides time and opportunities for children to take appropriate risks and to explore and investigate their world. Children have experiences which encourage them to interact with others, to develop interpersonal skills, and to work and learn cooperatively." (p. 3) Lombardi (1992) notes that the early childhood environment should be based on developmentally appropriate practice: "Programs for young children should not be seen as either play-oriented or academic. Rather, developmentally appropriate practice, whether in a preschool or a primary classroom, should respond to the natural curiosity of young children, reaffirm a sense of self, promote positive disppositions towards learning, and help build increasingly complex skills in the use of language, problem solving, and cooperation." Effective Grouping Practices An important organizational issue in early childhood education is the grouping of children. Traditionally, children have been grouped by grade-level designations according to age and ability. Many effective early childhood programs do not follow......

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...(IDEA) addresses the area of the development of infants and toddlers with disabilities. The thought behind this program was to reduce educational costs by providing early intervention services to children with disabilities before they reach school age. The intention was to encourage the collaboration of agencies that provide health, education, and human services. The neural circuits which are a part of the brain that creates the foundation for learning, behavior, and health, are most susceptible to change during the first three years of life. In order to intercept and encourage the effectiveness of intervention, early diagnosis and identification is critical. Extreme poverty, abuse and neglect, or severe maternal depression leads to damage that can have a life time effect in learning, behavior, and physical and mental health. Intervention in these areas can provide education and resources for proper nutrition, health and mental health screenings. Positive early experiences strengthens the brain while early social and emotional development provides a firm foundation for the building of cognitive and language skills. (Goode, Diefondorf, and Colgan, 2011). Recognizing early childhood is a distinct period prime for intervention, IDEA requires all states and localities to develop a system of services to target this age group. This requirement is to reduce the need of, or reduce the amount of, special education services, enhance the development of children, and encourage family...

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...------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Childhood to Adolescence Development ------------------------------------------------- Monica Rodriguez-Sosa ------------------------------------------------- University of Houston – Downtown Introduction As we age and grow in life, we constantly change in many different aspects. It is natural for humans to develop new ways of thinking, being, and feeling. At childhood, we might have show certain behaviors that we do not show in adolescence. Not only does our behavior change, but our physical appearance does too, along with our emotions. This paper will detail three changes that take place in each of the realms of cognitive, physical, and emotional growth from childhood to adolescence.   Early Childhood First, physical development of a child occurs at a slower rate than infancy. Boyd and Bee (2009) write that every year a child ages, they grow about two to three in height and about six pounds in weight (p. 177). Both authors also define the motor skills that children gain during childhood. For example, a child at age two can climb on furniture whereas a 6 year-old can walk on a line. As children age, they gain more muscle, giving them the ability to move around easier. Another example is brain growth. This kind of development can be explained by looking at the corpus callosum. Boyd and Bee (2009) explain that......

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...Child Growth and Development Module 1: Principles of Child Growth and Development 1 Icons This icon represents a new topic in the text. This is a visual cue for you to answer any questions about the previous section before moving along to the next one. This icon is used to identify an exercise that involves in-class practice and feedback. This icon is used to identify a specially designed activity that requires active class participation. This icon is used to identify a section that is accompanied by a video. Child Growth and Development 2 Icons This icon is used to identify a section where the participants should add items to their ―Do’s and Don’ts‖ list. This icon is used to identify an exercise that involves a role-playing scenario. This icon is used to identify the use of a transparency related to the material in this section. This icon is used to identify a key point in the material. Child Growth and Development 3 p.2 We often hear people refer to children’s growth and development. Are ―growth‖ and ―development‖ the same thing? What does each of these terms mean? •Growth refers to specific body changes and increases in the child’s size (such as:height, weight, head circumference, and body mass index). These size changes can easily be measured. Growth •Development typically refers to an increase in complexity (a change from simple to more complex) Involves a progression along a continuing pathway on which the child aquires more......

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...shows you what your observation paper should look like. Notice how well this student clearly related each infant behavior to some aspect of Piaget’s account of the sensorimotor period: He stated which substage of the sensorimotor period the child probably is in, and tied the notions of assimilation and accommodation to specific infant behaviors. Observation Paper #1 A couple (husband and wife) were sitting on the grass at a music festival with a young male infant, who was probably between 12-18 months old. He sat on his mother's lap with a group of the adult's friends around them. They were sitting together on a blanket with a clearing in the middle for the child to play and move around while they all enjoyed the music and talked to each other. As I was sitting there, I observed the infant's mother hand him a small box of wheat thins which he easily grasped in his hands and held, looking at it for a little while. Then he dropped the box which hit his mother's foot and rustled to the ground. His mother picked the box back up for him and put it back into his hands. He then dropped it again on her foot and it landed again on the ground next to them. According to Piaget the child is in substage 5 of the sensorimotor period. The child is testing the cause and effect of his dropping the box of wheat thins on his mother's foot next to him. He is causing the box to fall, and then watching and studying it as it bounces off her foot and finally rests on the ground (causing a......

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