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1) Nigeria as a British colony
After the British government assumed direct control of the Royal Niger Company’s territories, the northern areas were renamed the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, and the land in the Niger delta and along the lower reaches of the river was added to the Niger Coast Protectorate, which was renamed the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria.

2) Jalingo
Jalingo is a city in north-eastern Nigeria. It is the capital city of Taraba State and has an estimated population of 118,000.

3) London Olympic games
Nigeria participated in the 2012 London Olympic Games without winning any medal – gold, silver or bronze. Nigeria’s performance at the Games represents the new depths of the country’s overall rating in virtually all spheres of human endeavor. Whether it is in sports, education, health, housing, technology, politics, diplomacy, we are currently occupying very lowly positions.

4) Patience in Germany:
Sources reported that Patience had been receiving treatment in a German hospital for about four days. The news medium reports that Patience was airlifted to the hospital by an air ambulance last week under emergency medical conditions.

5) Symbolism of Coat of Arms Elements.
The red eagle depicts Nigeria’s strength.
The black shield signifies the fortuitous qualities of the land in agricultural, mineral and solid resources.
The Y-shaped silver coloured wavy band in the middle of the black shield represents the two major rivers in the country, River Niger and River Benue.
The two white horses signify dignity.

6) Abiola Moshood
The election was held in June of 1993, and on June 12 of 1993, the winner was declared to be Moshood Abiola of Social Democratic Party. Babangida claimed fraud, and annulled the results of this election, which was believed to be the first fair election held in the history of Nigeria. There became a lot of unrest in the nation, hundreds of demonstrators were killed, human rights and pro-democracy activists were arrested, and opposition newspapers were shut down.

7) Dana Air-Crash
It was a black Sunday on June 3, 2012, for the Nigeria and aviation industry in particular as a MD 83 aircraft belonging to Dana Air crashed at Iju- Ishaga area of Lagos State killing 153 passengers and six crew members on board. Eleven residents of the area were also killed in the process, bringing the death toll to 170. The plane had departed Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, and crashed about two minutes to landing in Lagos at 3:40p.m.

8) Bayelsa State governorship
Jonathan began his career in politics in 1998, having joined the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in 1998. Jonathan, who had been the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, succeeded Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, who was impeached by the Bayelsa State Assembly after being charged with money laundering in the United Kingdom.

9) Nobel Prize for Literature
Wole Soyinka was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986, becoming the first African laureate. He was described as one "who in a wide cultural perspective and with poetic overtones fashions the drama of existence". His Nobel acceptance speech "This Past Must Address Its Present," was devoted to South African freedom-fighter Nelson Mandela. Soyinka's speech was an outspoken criticism of apartheid and the politics of racial segregation imposed on the majority by the Nationalist South African government.

10) Dr. Alvan Ikoku (1900-1971)
Dr. Alvan Ikoku, educationist and politician, was born at Amanagwu in Imo State on 1st August 1900, to a wealthy merchant family. He trained as a teacher, and later bagged a degree in Philosophy. Dr Ikoku was actively involved in the activities of the Nigerian Union of Teachers and he became its National President in 1955. He also participated in politics, serving both in the Eastern Nigeria House of Assembly as well as the Legislative Council in Lagos. While in government, he applied his influence to foster the interest in education. He died on 18th November 1971 and his portrait appears on the N10 Note.

11) Gombe State
Gombe state, located in the northeastern part of Nigeria, is one of the country's 36 states; its capital is Gombe. The boundaries of the state roughly correspond to those of the Gombe Emirate, a traditional state. The State whose slogan is the 'Jewel in the Savannah’ was formed in October 1996 from part of the old Bauchi State by the Abacha military government.

12) The Civilian President who died in Office.
Nigeria's president Umaru Yar'Adua died after more than five months of battling with a heart condition. Mr. Yar'Adua was the fourth Nigerian leader but the first elected president to die in office.

13) Nigeria national football team
The Nigeria national football team, nicknamed the Super Eagles or Green Eagles, is the national team of Nigeria and is controlled by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). The team ranked 5th in the FIFA World Rankings in April 1994, the highest achieved by an African team. They won the Africa Cup of Nations on two occasions and have reached the FIFA World Cup round of 16 twice.

14) The Nigerian civil war
The Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Nigerian-Biafran War, 6 July 1967 – 15 January 1970, was a political conflict caused by the attempted secession of the southeastern provinces of Nigeria as the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra. The conflict was the result of economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria.

15) Sir Hugh Clifford
From 1914, the country went through series of political metamorphosis which started with the Lugardian indirect rule. Sir Hugh Clifford became Governor-General in 1919 and under him, German Cameroun was added to the Nigerian federation as a mandated territory in line with the ruling of the league of Nations formula for peace. He left office in 1925.

16) Nigeria in the United Nations
The first substantive Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Jaja Nwachukwu hoisted Nigeria’s flag on its admission as the 99th member of the United Nations on October 7, 1960.

17) Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, who lived from December 1912 to January 15, 1966 was a Nigerian politician, and the first and only prime minister of an independent Nigeria.

18) Major General J.T. Aguiyi-lronsi
Major General J.T. Aguiyi-lronsi became Nigerian's first military Head of State when the military coup of 1966 brought him into limelight as Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He was killed seven months later on July 29, 1966 in another coup d'etat.

19) General Yakubu Gowon
In 1967, General Yakubu Gowon split the existing 4 regions of Nigeria into 12 states. However, the military governor of the Eastern Region (Colonel Chukwuemeka Ojukwu) refused to accept the division of the Eastern Region, and declared the Eastern Region an independent republic called Biafra. This led to a civil war between Biafra and the remainder of Nigeria. The war started in June 1967, and continued until Biafra surrendered on January 15, 1970 after over 1 million people had died.

20) Gen. Sani Abacha
Abacha died on the 8th of June 1998 while at the presidential villa in Abuja. He was buried on the same day, according to Muslim tradition, without an autopsy. After his death, Maj. Gen. Abdussalam Abubakar, Nigeria's defense chief of staff, was sworn in as the country's head of state. Abdussalam Abubakar had never before held public office and was quick to announce a transition to democracy, which led to the election of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

21) 1996 Atlanta Olympics
The most memorable and remarkable medal was the national football team’s gold medal inspired by former Super Eagles captain, Kanu Nwankwo in Atlanta 1996.This was the first African football team to win a gold medal at the Olympics

22) Agbani Darego
Miss Agbani Darego, an 18-year-old Nigerian computer science student is the winner of the 51st Miss World pageant held Friday in Sun City, South Africa. She was chosen from 93 contestants from all over the world.

23) Civilian Rule
Following nearly 16 years of military rule, a new constitution was adopted in 1999, and a peaceful transition to civilian government was completed.

24) 1st Television station in Nigeria
1959, when Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Premier of Western Region, established the first regional broadcasting station known as Western Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (WNBC) Radio with its headquarters at Ibadan. In the same year, 1959 in Ibadan, Chief Awolowo established the first television station in Africa, the Western Nigerian Television (WNTV).

The man who designed Nigeria National Flag in the Year 1958 has not been honoured with even the lowest out of the honours always bestow upon national heroes in our country every year. Pa Taiwo lamented that he was in London when he received the prize of one hundred pounds and he has not received any award or national honour since the time he returned to the country. Although he received a lot of congratulatory messages from different set of people but he still expecting the Government of Nigeria to honour him with any National Honour. He has also been asking the Government to come to his aid as he needs assistance with his health and can’t cater for his family.

26) Nigeria
The Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean.

27) Joy Uche Angela Ogwu
Joy Uche Angela Ogwu (born August 23, 1946) is a former Foreign Minister of Nigeria and has been the Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations in New York since 2008. She was the second woman to hold the post in the history of Nigeria. Prior to her ministerial career, Dr. Joy Ogwu, who is from Delta State, served as Director–General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA).

28) 1000 Naira note
On January 1, 1973, the Central Bank of Nigeria introduced notes for 50 kobo, 1, 5, 10 and 20 naira. The 50 kobo notes were last issued in 1989. In 1991, 50 naira notes were issued, followed by 100 naira in 1999, 200 naira in 2000, 500 naira in 2001 and 1000 naira on October 12, 2005.

29) The 8th All Africa Games
The 8th All Africa Games held on 5–17 October 2003 in Abuja, Nigeria. 53 countries participated in 23 sports. The main venue was the newly constructed Abuja Stadium.

30) Oloibiri Bayelsa State
Oloibiri village which is located in Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa State in South – South Nigeria was the spot where oil – Nigeria’s chief rich natural resource and major political source of various anarchy – was first discovered in June, 1956.

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