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The Internet has become one of the best showcases the chains can use to demonstrate their fashion options and maintain a close and direct relationship with their customers.
All the chains have specialist Internet teams who are continually developing and implementing better tools so that the customer online service is as suitable and effective as possible. In this regard, the active presence of all the chains on social networks, in which all of them together have more than ten million followers, is outstanding.
In 2010, the Inditex web sites, including both chain sites and inditex. com, received 66 million visits. Internet
The Internet has become one of the best showcases the chains can use to demonstrate their fashion options and maintain a close and direct relationship with their customers.
All the chains have specialist Internet teams who are continually developing and implementing better tools so that the customer online service is as suitable and effective as possible. In this regard, the active presence of all the chains on social networks, in which all of them together have more than ten million followers, is outstanding.
In 2010, the Inditex web sites, including both chain sites and inditex. com, received 66 million visits.

Open to society
Inditex makes a solid commitment to transparency and develops different initiatives to guarantee fluid access to its different groups of stakeholders to information on the performance of its activity.
The media, with their role as the company's primary intermediaries, are an important communicator of information regarding the Group corporate strategy. Their knowledge of macroeconomic scenarios, the sector and the company itself enable them to analyze Inditex's direction and performance with a critical spirit and to communicate this information to society.
The General Directorate of Communication and Institutional
Relations at Inditex is the channel the Group uses to give the media access to important information about the company. For this purpose, their members specialise in financial information, the textile sector and fashion communication, covering the main needs of the different media. Apart from the central team which works at the Group headquarters in Arteixo (A Coruña, Spain) Inditex has incorporated over the last few years with professionals who are specialists in Communication and Public Relations in several of its offices around the world. The company already has local heads of communication at those branches where Inditex has a significant commercial presence and at others where the media sector is especially developed.
During 2010, Inditex made twenty-two press releases to the media in more than 70 countries, all of which were also available on the corporate website, These releases included details on corporate governance, results, expansion and the main actions in the social and environmental areas.
The media have a specific area for the press on the corporate web page. In addition to the above-mentioned communications, there are informative materials available such as the Annual Reports since they began to be published, corporate presentations, and stock market information as well as corporate governance. For the media specialising in fashion, the web page of each of the chains has a specific press area which attends to their needs.

During 2010, Inditex held press conferences with the media on such occasions as the annual presentation of results or the General Meeting of Shareholders, among others. At these meetings, Pablo Isla, Deputy
Chairman and CEO of Inditex, kept close contact with the media in order to give these professionals periodic access to the highest executive level of the organization.
Inditex attempts to give a response to all the demands for information.
During 2010, just by e-mail, more than 2,000 requests for information from the press, radio, television and internet have been addressed to. This very significant volume demonstrates the interest Inditex's activities generate at an international level.
Inditex periodically monitors the information published by the media in thirty-odd countries. Only in these markets, the Group has collected, during the 2010 financial year, a total of 47,553 pieces of information in which the company is mentioned, 35% more than in 2009. The
European media published 87% of these pieces of information, as a consequence of the commercial presence of the Group in this geographical area. The rapid growth of the company in Asia is also

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