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 Overview & Introductions
 Strategy
 Inputs
 The Transformation Process
 Outputs
 Summary / Conclusion


Airports Company South Africa SOC Limited (ACSA) was formed in 1993 as a Public Company under the Company Act of 1973, as amended, and the Airports Company Act of 1993, as amended. Although ACSA is majority owned by the South African Government, through the Department of Transport, the Company is legally and financially autonomous and operates under Commercial Law.
ACSA was formed to owned and operate the nine (9) principle South African Airports, including the three (3) main International Gateways of O.R.Tambo , Cape Town and King Shaka International Airports. As well as providing world-class, secure infrastructure for Airlines to transport people and goods. ACSA extends it responsibilities to include the promotion of tourism, the facilitation of economic growth and job creation, and the protection of the environment.
The nine (9) principle airports are as follows:
• OR Tambo International Airport (previously known as Johannesburg International Airport)
• Cape Town International Airport
• King Shaka International Airport (previously known as Durban International Airport)
• Bram Fischer Airport (previously known as Bloemfontein Airport)
• East London Airport
• George Airport
• Kimberley Airport
• Upington Airport
• Port Elizabeth Airport

The Group Structure: ACSA’s strategy is to build an efficient and customer focused business, in line with its vision of being a world-leading airport business. The group structure reflects this commitment to our strategy on all levels

Board of Directors
Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) is structured in the…...

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