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Individual Assignment - Week 4

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Individual Assignment - Week 4
WEB/240 Version 1 Web Design Fundamentals
October 30, 2012

Individual Assignment Week Three
In conclusion and supplement to Week 2, this is the first draft of the website that I am building for WEB/240 Web Design Fundamentals. I will describe the websites purpose, audience, and provide a visual mockup of the beginning stages of the sites development. The website is themed in the e-commerce realm of functionality, and will attempt to suit all of the ecommerce necessary purposes.
The purpose of this website is to fulfill two basic needs. The first need is to satisfy the requirements of this class that I am attending; WEB/240 Web Design Fundamentals. The second need is to create a functional website that I can employ to create a passive income reselling quality merchandise using the internet as a medium.
The website will provide a venue where prospective customers can visit and find a variety of quality fashion accessories for purchase. The website will be an outlet from the Ebay and Amazon listings to provide variety for different items.
The target audience that the website will address will be women and men from young adults to older individuals who enjoy complementing the fashion expressions they like to display in public. The website will appeal to people who see the importance of being well dressed and nicely coordinated.
Geographically, I would expect that anyone in the world will have access to this webpage, as the internet is boundless. Furthermore, being an extension of the bigger Amazon, and Ebay sites will allow visitors from just about anywhere.
At the present time, and keeping a modest outlook, I would think that this website will attract between ten and one-hundred visitors per day. I believe this estimate will be dependent upon the appeal of the items that are offered. Several other factors should play into the traffic numbers as well, such as day of the week, etc.
I estimate that the average age of visitors will range from 15-20 years. I am aiming for an audience with an age range from 28 years old all the way up to but not limited to 48 years old. This age bracket of people is most likely to have the need to go out in public each day for work or for whatever reason. And this age group is also likely to want to look their best each day. So, this demographic, I suspect, post graduate to pre-retirement, is most likely to care a bit more about how they look to peers and the public.
I would expect that the audience to have some computer savvy. However, I don’t expect them to be computer professionals by the same token. The website should be friendly and appealing to moderately intelligent to bright people with a basic ability to use and navigate any website for this purpose, which is to basically select a product and make a simple purchase.
Finally, I would like this audience to know that if there is something that catches their eye, they can buy it without the obligation of a spending limit, or other charges that raise the final purchase price of what they want to buy. For example, they don’t have to buy 6 things when they only want one. Ultimately, no frills means that you go to the site, see what you want, and buy it for the price that you expect. I want the user to know that when they come back, they can expect the same ease of experience.

Home page Mock up
Banner with site name navbar to internal pages
Motto Search Engine
Banner with site name navbar to internal pages
Motto Search Engine background = white

Vertical navbar heading | Nav Bar to other type products | Product links toPagesBy catagory | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | These are suppose to cubes representing products | | | |

Links | To | Social and other | Stuff on site |
Site Map of Website
Home Page * Fashion Accessories * Belts * Shopping Cart & Check-out linked back * Shoes * Shopping Cart & Check-out linked back * Handbags * Shopping Cart & Check-out linked back * Jewelry * Shopping Cart & Check-out linked back * Promotions * Clearance * Shopping Cart & Check-out linked back * Weekly Special * Shopping Cart & Check-out linked back * Tools and Information * Customer Service * Contact Us * FAQ * Tools and Resources * Site Map * Social Links * Disclaimers and Disclosures * Help topics * Shipping Policies * Return Policies * Security Policies

I still have to Code and link to:
I have to code the inline and embedded style into the home page
I have to code the external style sheet for the product pages
Product Pages
Contact Us Page
Shopping Cart
Social Sites
Feedback Page Form
Shipping and Return, and Security Policies
Site Map
And any unforeseen…
The good news is that I am getting this thing a bit more each day!!!

Three interactive features that could be added to my site are all great ideas that I have learned of through interaction this week in reading and discussion, as well as research: * A welcome and entrance mini survey to find out what people are actually looking for while surfing the web. This will give me a chance for insight on the market, and the customer a chance to articulate exactly what they want from a purveyor. * Another good one is an exit alert that says thank you for visiting our site. It might not seem like much, but a thank you goes a long way in showing appreciation. * I had the idea of developing a magnifying glass effect for the products. Which would increase the detail of the product for the users, and add an accessibility factor to the page; I am not sure how far I will get with it, but I will surely try. For some reason I am having to use trial and error to get things to work one at a time. And trying to apply style and structure, and content. I have the concepts in my head, but putting them on the canvas with my own hands seems to be the challenge.

I will hand in as much as I can for this week and work like the dickens to complete this thing and hand in a nice product.

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