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Individual Business Memo
The Credit Process at Postbank Corporate Banking Division

When I joined the Large Corporate Banking Department of Postbank Bulgaria, a year and a half ago, I was surprised to find a demotivated team with huge staff turnover and an inefficient credit process.

Postbank is a commercial bank, among the top five players on the Bulgarian market with assets of over EUR 3 billion, offering the full range of retail and corporate financial products and services to its clients. Among the key responsibilities of the Corporate Banking Division is business lending where the main process is the credit one - from discussing financing needs and negotiating terms with corporate customers, through processing of loan applications, including credit proposal preparation and financial and business analysis, review by Risk Management and obtaining a decision by the competent approval authority, to drafting and execution of loan documentation and implementation of credit facilities terms.

One of the most critical operational problems identified in the credit process was the slow implementation of loan approvals. On one hand, delays affected customers' overall satisfaction with the service, impacted negatively their investment projects, liquidity position, financing cost and sometimes even their credit history and rating, e.g. whenever an existing loan facility was not renewed on time, the borrower was reported delinquent, despite the fact that they had submitted the loan application and relevant documentation on time and that the respective Credit Committee approval was already in place. On the other hand, delays in the process artificially deteriorated the bank's lending portfolio profitability, volume, and credit quality, e.g. higher delinquency rates were reported while revenues were fluctuating due to reversals of already accrued penalties as signing of...

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