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routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP)

Citation Work: * Deng, J., & Wu, S. (2014, April 1). Comparison of RIP, OSPF and EIGRP Routing Protocols based on OPNET. Retrieved September 30, 2014, from Report .pdf * Adler, S. (2013, March 11). Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Informational RFC Frequently Asked Questions. Retrieved September 30, 2014, from * Schluting, C. (2006, June 01). Understanding ospf routing. Retrieved from * Differences between ripv1 or ripv2. (2014, 09 21). Retrieved from

TCP three-way handshake
The three-way-handshake is a method used in a TCP/IP network to create a connection between a local host/client and server. It is a three-step method that requires both the client and server to exchange SYN and an ACK (acknowledgment) packet before actual data communication begins.
A three-way-handshake is primarily used to create a TCP socket connection. It works when: * A client node sends a SYN data packet over an IP network to a server on the same or an external network. The objective of this packet is to ask/infer if the server is open for new connection. * The target server must have open ports that can accept and initiate new connections. When the server receives the SYN packet from the client node, it responds and returns a confirmation receipt - the ACK packet or SYN/ACK packet. * The client node receives the SYN/ACK from the server and responds with an ACK packet.

Upon completion of process, the connection is created and the host and server can communicate.

Citation Work: * Deamon, I. (2013, September 1). InetDaemon.Com. Retrieved September 29, 2014, from * The TCP/IP Guide - TCP Connection Establishment Process: The "Three-Way Handshake" (2005, September 7). Retrieved September 29, 2014, from *…...

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