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Individual Percetion and Decision Making


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Individual Perception And Decision Making

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Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. It is because of the perceptual process, that you become aware of the world around you. Perceiving is one of the brain’s two primary functions. The other is determining how you act in response to what you perceive. Your perception of your environment is influenced by your past experiences, your beliefs, and expectations. This is why each person’s perception of reality is different.

An organization’s behavior can be impacted by one’s perception of other in many ways. Someone who may be higher up in the work place, may have a huge impact on the behavior in the organization. Managers are supposed to make the best decisions possible for the business. Every decision made by a manager will affect the company in some way. If the wrong decision is made, it way affect the products and employees of the organization. Some things that can impact a person’s perception may be time, work setting, and social settings. What individuals perceive from their work situation will influence them productivity more than the situation itself will.

Perception “shortcuts” are often used for judging others. They can be both positive and negative. The attribution theory shows some frequently used shortcuts when judging others. The selective perception is when a person selectively interprets what they see on the basis of their interest,

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