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Individual Performance

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“Individual performance = Ability × Motivation
Individual performance is determined by the following factors: * Motivation, the desire to do the job * Ability, capability, know how to do the job(cognitive ability, reasoning ability, physical ability) * Work environment, tool materials and information to do the job
The energy to perform in an organization is directly influenced by the level of motivation and the expectancy.
As long as the desire to do something is present, the mount of performance output is direct proportional with the level of energy exercised.
Motivation is a function of expectancy, instrumentality and valance.
Expectancy, as a broad theory of motivation, is used as a tool to explain the determinants of workplace attitudes and behavior. In other words: try to perform and you will succeed.
Expectancy theory has three underlying concepts: 1. The Concept of valence refers to anticipated satisfaction. While value represents the actual satisfaction that a person experience from an attained outcome. Potentially a discrepancy can occur between the anticipated satisfaction from an outcome (valence) and the actual satisfaction that it provides (it’s value). When such disparity occurs, the reward system implemented will lead to loss of the motivational value. 2. Instrumentality represents a person’s belief about the relationship between performing an action and experiencing an outcome. The high performance is most likely to occur when both the valence and instrumentality are perceived high. It is important to understand individual’s motivational behavior by not only identifying his/hers satisfaction expected as a result of attained particular outcome, but also what actually the person thinks that he /she needs to do or not, to achieve the outcome. 3. Expectancies, representing a link between making an effort an actual...

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