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Modern History Assignment-
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'To what extent did the Geneva conference solve the problems of indochina to 1954?'
After decades of struggle under the practice of imperialism Indochinese nations would propse their problems to the the international community at the Geneva conference. The 1954 Geneva Conference, held in Geneva Switerland occured on the 8th of May, following the historical defeat of French forces in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu to the Vietminh (DRV). The Geneva Conference is essentially the proposal of international treaties binding of all nations which have accepted them. The primary objective of the Geneva Conference was to discuss and solve international issues concerning the Korean and Indochinese war. Nearly a decade after the Potsdam conference and still in the midst of the Cold War, the Geneva conference witnessed the meeting of the USSR, US and UK with intentions of reaching agreements for the future of Indochina. The conference involed delegates from the United Kingdom, United States, France, Soviet Union, People Republic of China, Democratic replublic of Vietnam (DRV) and the Nationalist Government of Vietnam. Issues proposed by Ho Chi Minh (DRV) concerning the future of vietnam included, the removal of foreign control, the unification of Vietnam, the development of a defence force for secuirty and the establishment of a communist nation. Resulting agreements of the Geneva Conference led to 'peaceful co-existence' with foreigners in Vietnam.
Much of Indochina's history has endured the struggles of foreign control under nations such as France, Japan and China. In the 19th century French imperialism was massively expanding with empires consilidated in Africa and Asia. In 1883 France had completely conquested the south-east asian countries Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam which would be collectively known as Indochina. Indochina soon...

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