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Indoor Smoking Analysis

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Analysis of the:
Taxable revenues reported before and after enactment of the Indoor Smoking Ordinance by Minneapolis businesses with on-sale liquor licenses:
A comparison of revenues for the 6-month periods from April through September in 2003, 2004, and 2005

This report is an analytical report that is evaluating the impact that a non-smoking ban had on the food and beverage industry serving the people of the city of Minneapolis. This is a non-bias report to provide statistical information for the citizens of Minneapolis to better educate them on the ramifications of their city’s council vote against smoking at a food and beverages establishments. In 2005 the city of Minneapolis enacted a citywide indoor smoking ordinance, which included restaurant and bars found within the city. The representatives for the restaurants and bars claimed that by enacting this law would negatively affect their livelihood. They claimed that they would have an extreme loss of revenue because of the close association between the consumption of alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes especially by people frequenting these types of establishments. The representatives of the local hospitality industry continue to make these claims and requested that this study to validate their position with hopes to have the law reversed. The city also wanted to do this study to combat other similar studies with negative results from groups attempting to have the ordinance changed.
The organization of this report follows the norms outlined in the book xxxxx . It begins with a brief description of the purpose and scope of the report. It is concise, well organized, believable and to the point without any hype or prejudice language. It quickly outlines who requested the report and outlined the event that prompted the study. This report covers a two-year time span prior to the enactment of...

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