Indoor Theme Park

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Keller Graduate School of Management

GM 592: Project Cost and Schedule Control Course Project Part 2- Theme Park Project

Instructor: James Erickson

Prepared by: Venkata Kumaran

Date: 15-APR-2011


1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Executive Summary 2
3.0 Schedule 1 3
4.0 Performance Analysis 5
4.1 Performance Analysis (Cost) 5
4.2 Performance Analysis (Schedule) 6
5.0 Estimate at Completion 8
6.0 Control Plan 9
7.0 Revised Estimate at Completion 10
8.0 Schedule 2 10
9.0 Conclusion 12
10.0 References 12
11.0 Attachments 12


The new indoor theme park project is initially planned for duration of 180 Days with a start date of Apr 14, 2008. The actual initial planned cost was $4,846,920. The theme park attraction includes Ferris wheel, Bowling alley, Climbing wall, Carousel, Go Cart and mini golf. The project is broken into 3 levels and has various tasks. The final walk through is scheduled on Dec 18, 2008 with a grand opening on Dec 19th.
The report is prepared to analyze the schedule and cost of the Indoor theme park project. The provided project information/data was used to create the project schedule which represents the project at a specific point during implementation. The Microsoft Project is used to serve as the tool to perform the project monitoring and control. The MS Project was also used to calculate the Earned Value Analysis. The output of the analysis, combined with a control plan, will be used to support the continuation of the project.

Executive Summary

The indoor theme park project is almost 5 months since inception and only 40% of the tasks are complete. The Actual cost is not provided so we can assume that…...