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INDP, Part 4

INDP, Part 4
Kudler Fine Foods is a small network considering that it spans across only three locations. Currently the network is utilizing a dedicated T3 connection between the stores with the La Jolla facility hosting the central servers. Each facility will have two firewalls, one for the intranet and one for the internet. An HP Blade Server model c3000 will be installed at each facility and will serve as the print/file server, communications, email, storage and web server. In addition to the Blade Server system La Jolla will also have a 10TB NAS to maintain records of all system transactions across the network. Operating on the network will be 31 computers, of these computers 13 will belong to the corporate admin and the remaining 18 will be utilized by the local store management. An APC Smart UPS rated at 5000va will be installed in each of the three server rooms. Telephonic communications will be made available using VOIP. La Jolla will have 19 total VOIP phones in order to accommodate the number of corporate administrators, the Del Mar and Encinitas facilities will only have 6 VOIP phones.
The standards being applied to this project are LAN, WAN, Wireless, and VOIP. A LAN or local area network is created when multiple computers or devices are connected as a network providing services and applications within a common structure such as a single business, campus or region. A LAN is generally governed by the organization by an administrator who controls the policies, security and access control. Essential components of a working LAN is the workstation computers, data server, networking switch and the outward facing router.
The WAN, or wide area network, is created when multiple LANS are essential. However if the physical facilities are geographically too far apart to be maintained as a unified LAN would require the services of third...

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