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(Ask student if anybody has been to a new place either for a job or for social event)
Foot and Cook (2008) define Induction “as the process of helping new employees settle quickly into their job so that they soon become an efficient and productive employee”.
CIPD factsheet 2014 are of the view that “‘induction’ is generally used in a workplace context to describe the whole process whereby employees adjust to their jobs and working environment”.
Stirzaker (2004) found in her research on staff induction in international schools that induction must be a continuous process and not a one off event.
The length and nature of the induction process depends on the complexity of the job and the background of the new employee. One size does not fit all - a standardised induction course is unlikely to satisfy anyone.
“Induction is best seen as a process that commences before the employee starts work and extends through the first two or three months of employment. In the very best instances the new recruit is deliberately eased into the new job” (Lashley, Conrad, & Warwick 2002)
Induction process can be formal or informal.
Formal Induction – Normally associated with large organisations, who usually have a laid process of inducting the new recruit into the organisation
Informal Induction -
Purpose of Induction
* CIPD opine that the purpose of induction is to ensure the effective integration of staff into or across the organisation for the benefit of both parties.
* Help new employees settle into their environment
* Help them understand their responsibilities, and
* Ensure that the organization receives the benefits of well-trained, highly motivated employees as quickly as possible (Robinson 1998)
(a) Reduction of employee turnover:
The strongest factors were having a mentor from the same…...

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