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The Effects of Technology on the Accounting Profession Paper Over the years people have switched from filing tax in papers to filing tax online in matter of minutes. This has provided individual with software that will provide him or her with full access to filing his or her tax online. As people continue to newer year each individual will see many changes in the Information system field and these new technologies will makes everything easy for us. The following essay will discuss the variety of new technologies and their effects on accounting processes, ways technologies have changed the way accounting is performed at, and explain corporate accounting, accounting professional services, and audit firms. Over the years we have seen technology change the way each individual does business. Each year companies are introducing new software that allows business owners and accounting firms to create balance sheet, payroll, and bookkeeping in matter of minutes. Business has seen account software like QuickBooks, turbo tax and peach tree to makes the necessary credit and debit for business. One of the new technologies that an individual is introduced to in accounting firms are Intuits quick book and cloud system. Cloud system is a web hosting application located off site. The advantage of cloud system is that we never have to install any account software in the firm’s computer; instead companies install software and store data in a server that is in a different locating. These servers will be in a data center facility. With the cloud service available accountant will never have to worry about buying an extra hardware to store the extra data, and this information can be accessed any of the days from anywhere. Intuits QuickBooks is one of advance account technology available in the world and more than 92.4% individuals are using this software. This software allow small...

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