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Industrial Engineering in South Africa

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Creating the link between wealthof a nation and industrial engineering
As a student that ended up studying industrial engineering by chance, I have really had to learn about industrial engineering through (the usual) reading, and vacation work and exposure to other industrial engineers. From the knowledge presented to me from people’s kind words of boredom and the internet’s overloading of information, I have come to understand industrial engineering as this. It is an engineering whereby resources and processes are integrated into cohesive strategies, structures and systems for efficient and effective production of goods and services. It uses specialised knowledge and skills in the mathematical, physical, behavioural, and economic and management fields and combines them with the principles and methods of engineering analyses and design to find optimal and practical solutions, which contribute to the creation of wealth.
I have a vision. I have a vision that industrial engineering can solve many of South Africa’s problems. These problems, or let us rather term these challenges, are attracting new forms of foreign investment, creation and implementation of policies, amongst others to create jobs and grow the economy. The structure in order for this to happen is very important. South Africa at the moment is undergoing a huge change whereby new amendments are being done to all sectors of the economy.
There is also a great need to stimulate entrepreneurship. Industrial engineering has the potential to review and optimise current investment processes in the country. This can be done to stimulate foreign and domestic investment to create jobs. This can be done in all sectors of the economy which includes banking, construction, transportation, health care and education.
In South Africa, it is believed that the main driver of the economy in recent years has been small to medium enterprises (SMME’s). SMME’s have been struggling since the recession which started in 2007/2008. Many have failed or have been absorbed by larger companies which have had the structure and the funds to do so. Industrial engineering can shape the future of south Africa. It has the potential to fix the various problems faced by South Africa. An example of the problem could be the supply of medical items in rural areas. Through supple chain and integration of resources, industrial engineering will be employed to scientifically determine the efficient to do this. Another example could be in the legal field of starting a business. South Africa ranks 53rd in the ‘starting a business category’. This is too low, and many hurdles have to be jumped for that business to actually take off the ground.
As a student that ended up learning engineering by chance, I want to contribute to the future of the country, and this is the perfect science to do it through.

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