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Industry Report

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Industry Report

Jim Bob Cooter
MANGT 595: Mo/Wed/Fri 1:30

Industry overview: use a maximum of 2 paragraphs to define the industry (e.g., major customer needs met), history, and average profitability. The overview should be as focused as possible

The game of golf has been on this Earth for many many centuries. Starting in Scotland in the 15th century the game of golf most likely was brought to the United States when Europeans migrated here. According to an article on titled “Early History of Golf in the United States”, we know that golf dates back as early as the 1600’s. The article states that two men in Albany, New York were documented being arrested for being drunk and breaking windows by hitting balls with their clubs. Jump ahead to 1744, the article states that shipping records document golf equipment being shipped from Scotland directly to the Savannah Golf Club in Georgia. This evidence tells us that the sport of golf arrived in the United States as early as the mid 1600’s. The golf industry continues to have it’s ups and downs, but the truth is that the future of the golf industry is looking up. According to a article titled “The State Of The Golf Industry In 2015”, CEO of World Golf Foundation, Steve Mona, was quoted saying that about 25 million Americans participate in the sport of golf as of 2015. Over 455 million rounds are played annually at about 15,350 golf courses around the U.S. The golf industry alone is practically a $70 billion industry that provides two million jobs and $55.6 billion in annual wage income (Heitner).
The game of golf in the recent years has always fluctuated in the number of participants, many golf courses close each year versus opening new ones up. A lot of this is pointed at the fact that people believe that golf is to exclusive, elite, expensive, difficult, and time consuming.…...

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