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Infantry History

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Army / Infantry History
071N5090 / Version 1.20
08 Jun 2011
All Courses Including This Lesson| Course Number Version Course Title 010-11C30-C45 2.10 INDIRECT FIRE INFANTRYMAN ADV LDR|
Task(s)Taught(*) or Supported|Task Number Task Title|
Reinforced Task(s)| Task Number Task Title|
Academic Hours|The academic hours required to teach this lesson are as follows: Resident Hours/Methods 2 hrs / Case Study 20 mins / Conference / Discussion Test 0 hrs Test Review 0 hrs Total Hours: 2 hrs 20 mins|
Test Lesson Number| Hours Lesson No. Testing (to include test review) N/A |
Prerequisite Lesson(s)| Lesson Number Lesson TitleNone|
Clearance Access|Security Level: UnclassifiedRequirements: There are no clearance or access requirements for the lesson.|
Foreign Disclosure Restrictions|FD6. This product/publication has been reviewed by the product developers in coordination with the USAIS foreign disclosure authority. This product is releasable to students from foreign countries on a case-by-case basis.|
References|Number|Title|Date|Additional Information|
Student Study Assignments|None|
Instructor Requirements|None|
Additional Support|Name|Stu Ratio|Qty|Man Hours|
Personnel Requirements|Historian (Civilian)||1| 2 hrs |
|Senior Small Group Instructor (Enlisted)||1| 2 hrs |
Equipment Required|IdName|Stu Ratio|Instr Ratio|Spt|Qty|Exp| for Instruction|2310-01-090-7709BUS TRANSIT 44 PAX|||Yes|1|No|
|* Before Id indicates a TADSS|
Materials Required|Instructor Materials: NoneStudent...

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...Command & Conquer™: Yuri’s Revenge™ LATE BREAKING NEWS FROM THE FRONT Copyright 2001 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. Westwood Studios™ is an Electronic Arts™ brand. Version #: 1.001 November 12th, 2001 For latest news and updates visit WWW.WESTWOOD.COM - - TOP SECRET - - Commander: Thanks for your continued participation in the global war effort against the madman Yuri. Our boys at the Lab have come up with some modifications for your arsenal that should improve your battle experiences. Review the following bulletin from Command Headquarters with great care. Commit it to memory. Your understanding of these could be crucial to your victory or defeat on the battlefield! Good Luck. --President Michael Dugan CHANGES & FEATURE UPDATES: General: • To maximize game performance for all game modes, it’s best to set the game’s resolution to 640 x 480 pixels. The higher the resolution setting, the slower the game’s performance, especially on lower end PCs. • Another way to maximize WOL game performance is to never adjust the Internet Connection Slider (in WOL Options Screen). The game determines the optimal setting before starting the battle. This is often confused by users in believing moving this slider will increase the game’s speed, which it does not. • PCs with more than one CD Rom device caused the game to launch slowly. This has been fixed. Units & Structures: ...

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