Influence of Gay Language to the English Competencies of Students

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The English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) was the name of a SAT II last administered in January 2005. It was a one-hour multiple choice test given on English language proficiency by the College Board. A student whose native language was not English could have chosen to take this test instead of or in addition to Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for college entrance depending upon requirements of the schools in which the student was planning to apply. Until 1994, the SAT II's were known as Achievement Tests. The ELPT assessed both the understanding of spoken and written standard American English and the ability to function in a classroom where English is spoken. The test was intended for students whose best language was not English; who attend U.S. high schools, or who had studied in an international school where courses were taught in English; had completed two to four years of English language instruction in an English as a Second Language program or in English enrichment courses; and/or students who spoke a language other than English at home or work. It was scored on a scale of 901 to 999.

Data gathering Procedure

After the discussion for formulating survey questionnaire by the researchers, subsequently, it has been checked by our adviser, ______________________ then, the research instrument will come up validation process. It was validated by_____________________ of English department. Revision were suggested by the evaluators and it was all incorporated. The researchers wrote a letter asking permission to the President of University of Immaculate Conception Mr. _______________________________________. After it has been approved the researchers disposed the survey questionnaire to gather data, through the use of simple random sampling. After it has been distributed it was retrieved for analysis and computation of…...