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Influence of Social and Cultural Settings on Consumer Behavior

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Understanding Social and Cultural settings and their influences on consumer behavior is the very basis of traits and concepts for marketing and advertising. We define culture as the sum total of learned beliefs, values, and customs that serve to direct the consumer behavior of members of a particular society. Culture is a powerful force in normalizing human behavior. For example, member of the same culture have the same language and share the same values. Almost all aspects of life are affected by cultural values, idiosyncratic values unique with individuals is also an element of culture. Some cultures have a general trait of caution when considering a new practice and product. Consumers from cultural backgrounds are more likely to rely on conventional values, which means, they learn through observation rather than immediately purchasing new or innovative products. There is hardly any aspect of life that does not emulate some cultural or social trait (Nayeem, T, 2012). Subcultural divisions and groupings contain various collections of individuals; examples of these grouping are families, work groups, shopping groups, friendship groups. Culture is believed by marketing researchers as an important underlying factor of consumer behavior. Cross-cultural researchers recognize that culture is one of the most influential determinants of consumer behavior. Supranational is subjective cultural differences cross national boundaries and may be present in more than one country, regional, ethnic-racial composition of population, language and symbolisms meaning. Cultural background not only shapes consumer needs and wants but also influences the way marketing strategies establish and target market behaviors, attitudes and preferences Foxall, G. R., & Mirella Yani-de-Soriano, M. 2005).

The impact of social and culture is so natural and automatic that its...

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