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Influences That Effect an Indivduals Leanring

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P1: Explain key influence on the personal learning process of individuals
For an individual there are positive and negative influences that can effect there learning. On a professional approach, many psychologists believe that learning takes place via different processes in which recall has to take place in order to remember. Recall can be affected by different influences; these can weaken memory or strength the memory trace of information. There are different theories that can show the different types of learners; David kolb and Honey and Mumford.
David kolb’s theory (1984) is an explanation in how adults learn. The many ways in which people learn are called the cognitive ability. During adolescence and adulthood we develop a performance for instinctive preferences. This is the way in which we make sense of our experiences. He proposed that learning takes place in four stages: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation. The first stage is concrete experience, this is the doing stage. The individual has to physically carry out actions in order to remember. The second stage is reflective stage this is where they concentrate and review the information. This involves mental thought about what they have completed and the actions that took place in the concrete stage. The third stage is the concluding stage, in which you begin to make sense of the actions in your head. The last stage is the active experimentation, is the planning stage where they would try and experiment with different things. This is demonstrating the experience first learned.
Honey and Mumford (1986) has a theory of learning style. They have developed four ways to learn: reflector, theorist, activist and pragmatist. The activists love to be involved they tend to be more physical as they will think after their actions, as they prefer to...

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