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Lab 1.2 – Install IIS Web/FTP Service

NAME : Hannah deau Class/Sec : _cis 283_________________________

Perform the following steps to complete the lab. Write down all commands and command options that you used. Be sure to answer all questions and fill in all blanks.

IIS HTTP and FTP Server :

1. Start your Windows 7 laptop and login. Before attempting this lab, be sure to stop the Apache web service. Since the Apache web server also runs on port 80, we cannot run both simultaneously.

2. IIS manager, web (HTTP), and FTP services may already be installed, but the following steps will help verify.

3. Navigate to the Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows Features On or Off / Internet Information Services. Select the proper selection for FTP service, IIS management console, world wide web services.

4. After installation, verify that you have the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager under Administrative Tools. The web and FTP services can be managed from here. It may be necessary to add FTP publishing to enable the FTP service. (This is done in the below steps).

5. Also verify that the web and FTP server are running. Open a command prompt and type netstat -ban. You should see that the IIS web server is listening under TCP port __80________ and the FTP server is listening under TCP port _21_________. NOTE: You may not see the FTP service running yet. It may not be set up. We will complete that task below.

6. Let's see if we can get to the default web page served from your IIS web server. Open your web browser and type in http://_iisstart.htm_________________________

Briefly describe the web page you see. Internet information services webpage default ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Can your…...

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