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Informal Assessment of a Student

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Informal Assessment of a Student
Barbara Brown
Grand Canyon University: SPE-536
Professor Haynes
October 31, 2012

Informal Assessment of a Student
In the process of developing an informal assessment I have discovered how important it is to effectively develop an assessment that matches the criteria that I want to assess my students’ progress. To do an informal assessment on my students, I chose the unit that we are working on in Biology. At the moment we are learning about the parts of the cells and how the cell works to maintain life. As I did an informal observation on different students in the classroom, I observed that several of the students were having difficulties remembering the parts of the cell and their functions. To solve this problem, I developed an informal assessment that would allow students to learn the cell parts and its functions. The informal assessment that I developed is a game of battle ship on Quia. Quia is a learning tool that I have had the opportunity to use and observe other educators use to help educate and enhance their students learning. The game consists of the game battleship. Like the game, the player is looking for the ships of the enemy. When the student picks a spot that the enemy ship is located on, a question pops up asking a question supply a multiple choice of four answers that the student can choose from. If answered correctly the student gets a hit. There are about 17 questions; each of these questions describes a function of one of the parts of the cell.
To get to my assessment there are several steps that the students need to take. Though, this is the first time that I have developed an assessment tool or an informal assessment, I will probably use it in the future. The steps that need to be followed as follow: * Go to * Click on teacher and…...

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