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Everyone seems to have an over whelming urge to peak into celebrities personal lives. The concept of how we perceive it as an accepted value to air their intimate and private lives and in addition how we hold a completely different value to a person in the private sector or our own personal life. I find it fascinating how our ethical prospective changes over the same value which in this case is the perception of privacy.
Informal outline
Our personal ethics regarding celebrities seem to portray the celebrity as an open book that we are all aloud to read. It seems that we consider the celebrity role as that it should allow a life to be subject to criticism. We appear to justify this by considering them as a role model and, setting an example for others. Politicians of course we consider their actions at a higher standard because of their ethical behavior plays a part in our wellbeing, because we rely on them to make decisions on our behalf. I seem to perceive a higher ethical standard for a celebrity’s privacy than most.
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My preferred ethical lens is reputation and because of that I tend to choose the path of privacy. I usually want what is best for the community. I see a celebrity as what they do in their private life as something that should stay private but, anything that has become publically known needs to be addressed. I like to believe that I am a compassionate person. I truly believe everyone should be entitled to a private life and what they do in the privacy of their own home should stay there unless they choose to make it public. I also consider it very distasteful for paparazzi’s to invade the personal space of a celebrity. I have a blind spot of having unrealistic goal expectations. Even though I consider a celebrity and their personal life private after they go home and close their door. It appears I am…...