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I never realized how much we do according to psychology on an everyday basis. For example, I observe my children playing in their room together without them knowing I am there. I do this because it allows me to see what they are doing and the way they interact with each other as well as their friends. This type of observation is called naturalistic. Naturalistic observation happens when I observe my children with them not knowing because I am giving them the time and space to do what they are doing without me telling them what to do (Psychology and You pg.26-27). This allows me to view how they behave when no one is looking and lets me see what we should work on more when it comes to how to behave. I have done this many times and I do not think that I would do this different, because it works well for my family. I think that this method would also be useful when trying to see how a child is adjusting in a new home or a new school. A child may not be willing to let you know that something is happening or something so this is a good way to figure out what the problem is without the child acting different because he does not know you. Psychology is a wonderful thing with many different facets to help someone. I do know that by doing the natural observation I am allowing my children to do what they would normally do without them realizing that they being watched. This allows children to react and learn from what they are doing. I do however know that this type of study could go wrong if they were to see you watching them.

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