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In early 2004, the residents of Inglewood, California, a working community just outside of Los Angeles is composed mainly of African American and Hispanic-Americans are preparing to vote on a referendum公投 that would change the city charter契约 to build a Wal-Mart Supercenter in the vast, undeveloped many in the city. Walmart proposed提出 measure after the city council refused to change the zoning of the sixty-acre plot on which he had the opportunity to build. Numerous social and religious groups who oppose Wal-Mart, and to oppose the referendum. Walmart promised cheap goods and work, but these groups have been skeptical about the types of work and compensation to be offered health care to be provided to employees, and Walmart will have a broad impact on society. Inglewood was pro-union community, and the opposition was based on anti-union positions in Walmart. April 6 Inglewood residents voted to abandon a referendum on the edge of 60.6 percent to 39.9 percent. While smaller, less organized, and with less than Walmart, the coalition of social and religious宗教 leaders won global behemoth retailer. 1. Discuss and evaluate Wal-Mart’s strategy in Inglewood. What were some of its mistakes? Could they have been avoided, and if so, how? 
 2. Discuss the arguments by Wal-Mart’s critics批判者. Are they persuasive有说服力的? How should Wal-Mart respond? What is your view? 
 3. What should Wal-Mart learn from its defeat失败 in Inglewood as it faces similar issues in other cases? 

Loabor practice劳动实践

Key Concepts
Politics, Business Communication, Business Policy, Conflict Management, Crisis Management, General Management, Government Policy, Labor Relations, Public Policy, Regulation, Reputation, Decision Making, Social Responsibility, Society and Business Relations
1. Labor practice 2. Society to war mart 3. Communication 4. Misleading

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