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Information Overload

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The Information Overload
This paper discusses changes that corporations may undertake to mitigate information overload. What I intend to show here is that it would be prudent of a corporation to make changes to social systems in order to return to a more productive state of organization. Certainly technical systems play an important role in controlling what information is necessary to assist in the scope of an individual’s specific work goal for the corporation. As the old adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out” and technical influences, such as fire walls, spam filters, permission and security settings can minimize or eliminate all together both input and output garbage as it were. I have served over 20 years in the Army, and continue to work for the DoD for example, the internet used for everyday business is very restrictive, you are not likely to get overloaded with useless information on this media, there are some exceptions that may allow you to move beyond the necessary parameters for safe computing, however, the network monitoring systems in place would have human intervention to your location within the hour.
While imposing technical influences on computer systems through a well established IT program in a corporation is a must do task for any organization, social systems must be in place and supportive of the technical systems in order to successfully mitigate information overload. What I am saying here is that employees must have a corporation success oriented attitude instilled through a corporation training program that explains and describes corporation information management rules and the corporate guidelines for information management techniques that restrict information flow keeping within the priorities of the corporation’s output goals.
We are our own enemies as it applies to managing information overload; it is directly related to the human...

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