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The Set Day for this assignment is 9th February 2012. This assignment represents 65% of the total marks for this module. The other 35% of marks will be awarded in the Final Test in May.
This coursework consists of several deliverables spread over 4 submission dates:
 In-class presentation of the Project Proposal, to be delivered in your scheduled workshop session in the week th beginning on 20 February 2012.
 Project Report, due as an on-line submission, by the time of your scheduled workshop session in the week th beginning on 19 March 2012.
 One A2 size Project Poster, prepared in any technique, to be presented during your scheduled workshop th session in the week beginning on 30 April 2012, th  Project Review, due as an on-line submission, by 11:59 p.m. on 16 May 2012.
You will be working in a team made up from other members of your workshop group.
This document presents some general information regarding your assignment, like: major deliverables, teamwork and team allocation, marking, mode of submission, as well as detailed marking scheme.
The specification of your project is provided as a separate brief.

You will be working in teams made up from three or four members of your workshop groups. You should form th your project team during your scheduled workshop session in the week beginning on 13 February 2012. One week later, together with your Project Proposal in-class presentation you will have to provide a complete list of team members. From that day any change in your team will be subject to formal approval by your Workshop
Tutor, using Project Change Request form (see Appendix B).
Any work submitted by a team larger than four members, smaller than three members, or prepared individually,…...

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