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Information Sharing

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For those for whom integration is not happening, the future is bleak and getting darker.[i]

There is a lot of value that is “trapped” between the processes trading partners use to transact business, and when companies work together, they can unlock that value and share its benefits.[ii]


After completing this chapter, you should be able to: • Discuss and compare internal and external process integration. • Discuss the requirements for achieving process integration. • Describe the barriers to internal and external process integration, and what can be done to overcome them. • Understand the importance of performance measurements in achieving internal and external process integration. • Understand why it is important to align supply chain strategies with internal process strategies. • List and describe the eight key supply chain processes, and how trading partners integrate these processes. • Discuss a number of the latest trends in the areas of process management and process integration.


Achieving Internal Process Integration
Extending Integration to Supply Chain Trading Partners
A Look at Trends and Developments in Integration and Process Management
PROCESS MANAGEMENT IN ACTION—An Interview with Zack Noshirwani, Vice President of Integrated Supply Chain for Raytheon

The Raytheon Company is a major defense contractor; its major customer is the U.S. Department of Defense. Mr. Zack Noshirwani, vice president of integrated supply chain, joined Raytheon in 2001, and prior to his current post served as vice president for operations for both the Air/Missile Defense Systems and for Integrated Defense Systems. Previously, he worked in operations...

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