Information Super Highway

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Information Superhighway
Internet-type global network of computers that potentially, will connect most of world's individuals, firms, and organizations. It is envisioned to provide very high speed access to information in all forms (text, graphics, audio, video) via a telephone or wireless connection. The term was first used in 1985 by the 45th US Vice President (1993-2001) Al Gore (born 1948) in an American context where every citizen is aimed to be so connected.
The global information and communications network that includes the Internet and other networks and switching systems such as telephone networks, cable television networks, and satellite communication networks. |
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An extensive electronic network (such as the internet) used for the rapid transfer of sound and video and graphics in digital form
There are a number of definitions of this term. Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age defines the term as "the whole digital enchilada - interactive, cable, broadband, 500-channel [...] then-Senator Al Gore Jr. introduced it at a 1978 meeting of computer industry folk, in homage to his father, Senator Albert Gore Sr." (71).
The McGraw-Hill Computer Desktop Encyclopedia defines the term as "a proposed high-speed communications system that was touted by the Clinton/Gore administration to enhance education in America in the 21st Century. Its purpose was to help all citizens regardless of their income level. The Internet was originally cited as a model for this superhighway; however, with the explosion of the World Wide Web, the Internet became the information superhighway" (464).
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines the…...

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