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Information System Dissertation

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Information Systems Dissertation

The Impact of Cloud Computing on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

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In recent years a new computing paradigm has emerged: Cloud Computing. Whilst there seem to be an endless number of definitions for this new term, including one by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that is nearly 800 words long, nobody seems to be able to settle on a true characterisation of the subject matter.

In its simplest form cloud computing can be described as IT-as-a-service. Instead of building your own IT infrastructure to host databases or software, a third party hosts them on their own servers. Companies have access to their data and software over the internet (which in most diagrams is depicted as a cloud). However, is this new paradigm simply a new term for something we are already doing or is it truly going to change the future of IT as we know it?

This dissertation investigates the phenomenon commonly known as cloud computing, focussing closely on its impact on small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), and ultimately attempts to assess the future of cloud computing.

The research throughout this paper is based solely on secondary research. No primary research into the topic area has been made. In order to gain a broad view and understanding of the topic various existing papers and studies, on the topic of cloud computing and technology adoption within SME’s, have been studied and critiqued.

Table of Contents
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