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Chapter 2
E:Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems

Student Objectives

1. Identify and describe the major features of a business that are important for understanding the role of information systems.
2. Describe the information systems supporting the major business functions: sales and marketing, manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, and human resources.
3. Evaluate the role played by systems serving the various levels of management in a business and their relationship to each other.
4. Explain how enterprise applications collaboration and communication systems, and intranets improve organizational performance.
5. Assess the role of the information systems function in a business.

Chapter Outline

1 Components of a Business

Organizing a Business: Basic Business Functions
Business Processes
Managing a Business and Firm Hierarchies
The Business Environment
The Role of Information Systems in a Business
2.2 Types of Business Information Systems
Systems from a Functional Perspective
Systems from a Constituency Perspective
Relationship of Systems to One Another
2.3 Systems That Span the Enterprise
Enterprise Applications
Intranets and Extranets
E-Business, E-Commerce and E-Government
4. The Information Systems Function in Business
The Information Systems Department
Organizing the Information Systems Function
2.5 Hands-on MIS

Key Terms

The following alphabetical list identifies the key terms discussed in this chapter. The page number for each key term is provided.

|Business, 41 |Information systems department, 67 |
|Business processes, 43 |Information systems managers, 68 |

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... key business processes used in hospitals are as follows: - Management processes (At the reception, the customer is checked in and whatever problem they have is registered on the system.) - Operational Processes (In this stage the doctor will diagnose the problem, once a problem has been identified, he/she will issue a prescription) - Supporting processes (In this stage the medicine can be collected from the Pharmacy) (Source - 6) Identify and discuss four major types of information systems that serve the main management groups within a business. What are the relationships among these systems? A) The four major types of information systems that serve the main management groups within a business are transaction processing systems, management information systems, decision-support systems and executive support systems. The daily routine transactions that are compulsory to conduct business are performed and recorded by the transaction processing systems. This system allows the monitoring of operations and relations status by mangers with the external environment. Management information systems, based on data from TPS, produce reports on the businesses current performance. Routine questions are answered by this system using a predefined procedure for answering them. This system serves the middle management and its analytic capabilities are minor. Non-routine decision-making is supported on the decision support system; its...

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...Information Systems and Software Applications Software applications and information systems help businesses to manage every area of their business affairs. In a company it is extremely important to have not only an appropriate information system, but also the appropriate software applications that will allow one to conduct daily tasks. It will determine how successful a business can be. Businesses that take the time to invest these types of software can help take an accurate snapshot of where their business has been and where they are going. Usually, the different departments within an organization will have different information systems; however, they may have similar applications or a package of application on a system. Human resources, Finance, and Accounting are three departments in an organization that usually depend on reliable information systems (IS) and must have Software applications that support the duties and help them conduct day-to-day business. In this paper I will discuss these three departments and the system they would benefit from as well as applications that they may require. One of many tasks that the human resources departments has is keeping records of new, current, future, or potential employees. Two information systems compatible with their duties are the office automation system, and the decision support system. The office automation systems would allow human resources employees to support activities for individuals and input data...

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... making available material for other students to use or pass off as their own whether for profit or otherwise. Some notes on what this means for students: 1. Copying another student's work is an offence, whether from a copy on paper or from a computer file, and in whatever form the intellectual property being copied takes, including text, mathematical notation and computer programs. 2. Taking extracts from published sources without attribution is an offence. To quote ideas, sometimes using extracts, is generally to be encouraged. Quoting ideas is achieved by stating an author's argument and attributing it, perhaps by quoting, immediately in the text, his or her name and year of publication, e.g. "E = mc2 (Einstein 1905)". A references section at the end of your work should then list all such references in alphabetical order of authors' surnames. (There are variations on this referencing system which your tutors may prefer you to use.) If you wish to quote a paragraph or so from published work then indent the quotation on both left and right margins, using an italic font where practicable, and introduce the quotation with an attribution. Faculty of Computing CC4002 Information Systems Learning Outcomes Assessed CC4002 LO1: describe the main legal frameworks for business organisations, typical internal structures together with their rationale in terms of business aims; LO2: explain the role of information processing...

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...Information system (IS) has several components. Human presence is a critical element for the system. They are the ones who input all data, and program the computer that collects stores, distribute and process information for an exact purpose. Although not all information system is computerized the shift to computers is now the wave and practically all businesses are using computers for the organization of information and data. Data need to be inputted in a timely manner, and accurately for the decision making process, so this is where human plays the vital role in the IS. Beside the human component, there are hardware, software, database, network and producers combined to automate, store and provide fast accurate information upon demand. 20/20 Technologies is one of these information system. It is an interior and furniture designs computer-aided program, use in businesses and manufacturing. 20/20 is an industry standard that is used by designers worldwide. The system provides designers with the ability to work closely with manufacturers, dealers and suppliers within the home improvement industries. The system has hundreds of manufacture’s catalog of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and furniture. Designers use 2020 to incorporate supplies from the wide array of manufacturer and supplier catalog. These designs are photo-realistic rendering which has 360 degree interactive features for the convenience of the consumers (homeowner etc) to be access online for approval...

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...MIS 205 LECTURE 1 CHAPTER REFERENCE – CHAPTER 1 Lecture Topic Information Systems in Global Business today Keywords Information Technology (IT) - IT refers to all the hardware and software that a firm needs to use in order to achieve its business objectives. This includes the computers, printers, handhelds, mobile phones, software, and peripheral support systems. IT Infrastructure - IT infrastructure is the foundation or platform on which the firm can build its specific information systems i.e. the IT infrastructure of the company determines whether the company has the proper set of information services that it needs to accomplish its goals. Data – Streams of raw facts that are more comprehensible by computer systems. Information – Data that has been organized and arranged in a form that is easy for people to understand. Information Systems - An Information System is a set of interrelated components (determined through the IT infrastructure) that collect, retrieve, process, store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization. Additionally, an Information system is a tool that supports decision making, coordination and control within an organization by helping its employees analyze problems, visualize solutions, and develop new products. Digital Firm - is an organization in which a MAJORITY of significant business relationships are digitally enabled and mediated through information systems. Lean...

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... Allah S.W.T. with His bless, I manage to complete this Individual Assignment. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and deep regards to our lecturer Mdm. Melissa Shahrom for her exemplary guidance, monitoring and constant encouragement. With her support and advice, I able to complete this Assignment successfully. Lastly, my appreciation goes to our family and friends for supporting us towards successfulness of this project. Thank You. With the growing importance of social media, cloud computing and mobile device interactions, the digital work environment is being perpetually transformed while forcing users to adapt to the emerging technologies. In this volatile environment, research leading to innovative approaches to better support the information practices of knowledge workers is acquiring a critical importance. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The world today runs on various information systems. Information Systems functionality is increasingly becoming a necessity and not an option. Imagine a company that relies on e-commerce that has its website taken down due to software failure and security issue. This fault in the software can make the company lose thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue. Thus, robustness and security of the system are equally important to ensure system confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). The two main challenges facing today’s information systems are operational and...

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