Information Systems Briefing

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Information System Briefing


February 27, 2012

Information System Briefing

The process of selecting and acquiring an information system in today’s health care organization can be a huge investment, and there are many factors that need to be considered to develop the best course of action. One of those factors is the consideration of the organizations goals and if the implementation of a new information system will be able to meet those goals. Another factor is to be aware of the roles of the organization’s stakeholders and how they are an important part of the selection and acquisition process of the new system. Each step in the selection process of a new information system for a health care organization is vital to quality, safe, and efficient delivery of patient health care. This briefing will discuss the process for selecting and acquiring an information system, how the organization’s goals drive the selection of a system and what roles the organization’s stakeholders have an impact on in the selection process.
The selection and acquisition process of an information system must be managed effectively to meet the organizations system goals. A team or implementation committee would need to organize and appoint a project manager to oversee each aspect of the implementation project. This team would consist of the stakeholders of the organization to include physicians, nurses, IT analyst, business managers, and other sources that have an investment or affiliation with the organization. According to Wager, Lee, and Glaser (2009), the primary goals of this committee is to plan, organize, coordinate, and manage all aspects of the acquisition process (pg. 150). The project manager of this team would lead the team to make appropriate decisions in the research for the need of a new system, comparison of different systems, and introduction of a…...